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We are writing a new book on “how to operate” for
telecommunications construction companies,
implementing our traits of character into everything we do.

We are small enough to give you personal attention and
large enough to handle all of your telecommunications needs!

Trusty Construction: What’s in a name?
Our Name Says It All!

Trusty Construction is based on the premise that providing excellent workmanship at a fair price consistently will result in our client’s success.

Because Trusty Construction operates to such strict standards, we pride ourselves on our customers. This may be the reason why Trusty Construction is turned to time after time. We have been operating this way for over five years, building a reputation of trust for completing tough, complex and tightly scheduled projects on time with attention to detail and cost containment. Trusty Construction strongly believes that expansion into emerging technologies and up-to-the-minute technical training is of the utmost importance in our industry.

We offer a full range of wireless communication construction, installation and maintenance services with a high level of experience. From antenna change out to complete site and tower construction and installation, Trusty Construction can meet your needs.

Our main emphasis is on civil construction, antenna and line installation, maintenance, and tower erection. We provide full turnkey solutions from foundation construction and shelter placement to equipment installation and sweep testing that are both cost effective and timely.

Whether you’re deploying a new cell site, maintaining a wireless facility, or upgrading your existing system with the latest technology, “time-to-market” means “time-to-revenue.” Trusty Construction understands the importance of getting your new equipment into service as quickly as possible, and with the highest quality.

Our experienced personnel will handle all phases of a wireless site construction that takes a project from ground breaking to optimization.

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